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    OK. So in anticipation of applying the AKU rom patch later this month, I thought I'd start a thread that lists the files and folders we should save to a desktop or storage card to ease the pain of starting over from a hard reset. Here's what I have so far, and I'll add to this as we figure them out.

    • Contents of My Device/My Documents....has most of your personal files, spreadsheets, docs, etc.
    • My Device/Windows/Rings...contains your custom ringtones
    • My Device/Windows/Favorites...contains your Pocket Internet Explorer Favorites/Bookmarks

    Program Specific:

    • Pocket Informant settings are within My Device/My Documents/WebIS
    • Pocket Breeze; you can export your settings which gets saved to your My Docs folder.
    • Newsbreak; you can export your channel data and save it wherever.

    What about speed dial info and ringtones assigned to contacts? Where is that info stored and can it be saved and restored?
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    How about;

    My Device/Windows/Favorites

    to backup your browser bookmarks ?
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    Thanks jpezzella, I updated the list. I know I've seen reference to the file(s) that contains speed dials (and maybe ringtones), but I can't find it right now.
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    Does anyone know where speed dials and ringtone info are stored?
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    Where are the outlook email accounts settings stored? I have 5 different IMAP accounts on it, so it is a real pain to reconfigure all the accounts. Thanks!
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    Does anybody know where these files are stored? This could be really useful to people at the end of the month.
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    Did anyone ever determine where the speed dial settings are saved for later restoration?
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    Actually, Pocket Informant 2007 at the current version now stores the WebIS Folder in the programs section, not my documents.
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    I'm working on a strange problem....I've got one speed dial that won't change....has anyone found where the speed dial files/info are located?
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    I will not say with 100% certainty, however, if you are using poutlook, I don't think you can save the settings/files. I'll be wiped I know that to import them, it's more than a registry setting - it needs to be an xml script.

    edit - just noticed this was an 06 post - didn't mean to keep a dead thread going...
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    Why not download a trial version of Sprite Backup. I'm sure it would let you backup and restore. There's options for things you are looking for.
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    I gave up and hard reset and started over.... I can't use sprite backup, because my current speed dial list is/was corrupted somehow....I couldn't change a speed dial matter how many times I assigned the letter S to someone else it still dialed the first person I assigned it too. I needed to find the speed dial file to delete it or change it somehow.

    Thanks anyway, like I said....I just hard reset and started over. It was about time to do that anyway....I usually do it 1-2 times a year.

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