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    Ok i want to upgrade to the unlimited data plan....reason being that i keep going over my allowed text package and every moth im at the same price as having the unlimited is the thing...i have a voice plan that is 39.99 for 400 minutes....if you add the unlimited plan to the voice plan the unlimited drops five bucks....i read on here SOMEWHERE that many users have some certain PDA plan which gives you unlimited data for the 44.95 a month AND there voice plan AND they also recieve 2000 free text messages....i spoke with three verizon prople and NONE of them have any reccolection of this 2000 text messages feature.....please offer me some clear details as to how you recieved this offer as i need it badly
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    I believe you have to have unlimited data and a voice plan or the Voice/PDA data plan. You may not be able to get it on the $39.00 voice plan, you might need the $49.00 one.

    Call back again and ask for the "PDA 2000 SMS allowance". Tell them you need it for syncing with Exchange.

    You can also mention feature code #70246 and that might help. I have the 0$ sms on my plan.

    One caveat, you cannot have the unlimited in SMS / PIX / FLIX. If you send alot of pix you might want to consider that cost at .25 per message also.
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    ok so i ask for the upgrade from the 39.99 plan im on now to the 49.99 plan.....what else do i ask for exactly? the voice/pda data plan, and then ask for them to add on the PDA 2000 SMS allowance for syncing with my exchange?....if so these 2000 sms can be used as regular texting right?....and what if they ask what exchange server for what company?......and also what would the cost of this all be...right now im at this:
    voice plane 39.99
    text package 5.99
    insurance 5.99 or whatever it is i forget
    wnat would i be paying after these upgrades? thanx so much
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    They won't ask you for what company. I had it added just fine. Actually, I emailed tech support instead of calling, because I spoke with many reps who had no clue what it is.

    Yes, you can use it for regular texting.

    First get the voice/data package, then ask for the PDA 2000 SMS allowance. The cost would be this:

    voice plan $39.99
    data plan: $40.00
    2000 SMS: $0
    insurance: $5.99

    for a grand total of: $85.98 plus tax.
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    ok ive had it up to HERE with these guys...they ganruntee that any textx i receive using this plan WILL be charged 10 cents ato receive and ten cents to send...WTF!.....i just switched over to this unlimited with the pda 2000 allowance but he said i WILL be charged for textx as texts arent please tell me he is wrong and if i receive a text i wont be charged other wise im losng alot of money here.....anyone can back me up please?....thanx
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    Yes he is wrong. A text message is SMS.

    Are you using a Treo?

    If you are then you should already have a data plan.

    Upgrade it to an Unlimited Data plan and then ask for the PDA 2000 SMS Allowance.

    And if the rep then tries to tell you that a text message is not SMS than ask him to explain what an SMS message is. And then get his name and extension so we can call up to roast and toast his a**.
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    If you are not using a treo you can't get the PDA 2000 SMS Allowance.
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    Actually if you are not using a smartphone then you can't get the special plan.
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    thanx for the fast replies guys...yes i have a treo 700w and JUSt upgraded my plan to the unlimited and asked for the pda 200 sms allowance and they had no cluce what i meant....alsogave them the feature code provided above and still no actually on the phone yet again with these idiots and still having problems cuz NOONE knows what they are talking can they run a business like that?! ive been on hold for 15 minutes while he talks over with ANOTHER data guy.....arrrrrggggg......ok just got off the phone and YES! you guys are right....I HATE VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE>>>THEY HAVE NO CLUE!......really guys thanx so much for helping me understand this i need to learn how to use this syncing software...well if i really need it guys rock...take care
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    Do not deal with customer service, Call the data number: (866) 788-9387. Use option#2. In some parts of the country the code is different. The feature exists. It just takes some work to get it. With the impending update, soon it won't be necesssary.

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