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    I read the blurb on later this month etc...

    It is my impressiong that with Blackberry you do not need exchange server to have instant push email...will this be possible with this update as well?
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    You need either Exchange or a hosted Exchange account (with MSFP).

    There is another class of wireless email called redirection which allows your PC to act as a redirector for email. You have to leave it logged in all the time - it reads your POP or IMAP email and sends it out to a server from which your wireless device can pick it up. The redirector is generally used for Outlook. Groupwise or Lotus Notes accounts but can be for POP/IMAP.

    Some of these services can work without a PC redirector, you set them up on the services website to poll your POP/IMAP account. Their server then takes care of pushing your email to you.

    Try for an example. Verizon offers a service it calls Wireless Sync. This is under the hood.
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    how does blackberry do it then?
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    Blackberry uses a server that talks to exchange.
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    The direct push technology is pretty cool. It should work out a little nicer then blackberry. Blackberry uses it's own website to grab messages and it can get full rather quickly for heavy users.
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    So I'm curious. This direct push thing has always been attractive to me. Chatter works absolutely fantastic on my 650 but I had to setup IMAP on Exchange, which is not quite the same. I love the idea of tasks, calendar appointments, and contacts being pushed too.

    The 650 was my first Palm product and I love it. I purchased it the very first day they were available from Sprint. It certainly had some bugs for awhile. I've had it replaced once with a much better unit.

    I like Microsoft products and I believe they will eventually win the smartphone operating system war even if they have to purchase the victory. Few questions if anyone knows:

    Does the info go both ways? For example, if I update a contact or appointment on my Treo will it be pretty much instantly reflected back at the office?

    Will I have access to mail folders other than my inbox?

    If I delete emails do they get deleted on the server so I don't have to delete them from Outlook too when I get to my office?

    I have an Exchange account at work and one at home on a SBS2003 box for my other business. Could I use both accounts?

    If I bought a Windows Treo what would I use for my personal IMAP email? Is there a good client included? I really don't care if my personal email is pushed or pulled.

    Lots of questions I know. I don't necessarily expect answers to all of them. It's just the things I'd need to know before switching over to Win.

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    But Wireless sync sucks.... and I mostly want my personal POP3 accounts "pushed" is there anyone that offers this because Wireless Sync is slowww and crappy program.
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    AKU2 is an Exchange thing only. There is no push technology for POP mail. POP protocol does not contain any method for push. You can poll the server periodically.
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    To answer 2 of your questions, you can only sync with 1 outlook account so you would not be able to sync with both exchange servers. And yes, information goes both ways. Every time you sync, the information is updated in both places.
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    so you can only get push with an exchange server?
    I know POP isn't push but when wireless sync grabs the email it won't push it to my inbox
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    I am not an IT wizard and trying to understand the whole thing. I have a 2003 exchange server through work. Once, the new update for the Treo 700W is available, does anything need to be tweaked on the server side before I can use direct push e-mail on my Treo?
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    Are thier suggestions that some can post as far as the ones who have a home office and do not have an exchange server to work with?

    I am not very familiar with IMAP and chatter etc....
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    yes, the server has to be on SP2.
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    Hosted Exchange is the way to go for people who don't have it.... you can fwd your pop email to the hosted exchange email address and get it instantly...

    Free (ad based) hosted exchange from

    I am building a hosted exchange service that will soon be in private beta... even have a domain name for it (nothing there now so don't bother clicking)
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    I use for hosted exchange. Works pretty well. They are ready for DirectPush and we should be good to go out of the box with the firmware/ROM AKU update comes out.

    For you folks talking about POP/IMAP where WirelessSync doesn't send it to your device even though it's already in your inbox - This is a VERIZON only issue. They have configured the Verizon service (server side mail handling thingy that works with WirelessSync) to get the mail from your IMAP or POP account every X minutes, but only send to your device every 15. Probably to avoid using their precious EV-DO bandwidth. It's foolish in my opinion. Sprint doesn't have this limitation, their "pseudo push email" worked great with IMAP and POP and had no such issues.

    So if you are IMAP or POP today, either go with hosted exchange for real push email, or dump Verizon when the Sprint T700 comes out or better yet, email Verizon and complain like it's your business that the 15 minute interval is ridiculous.

    Hope that helps to clarify things. And for those who work for Verizon or are more familiar, feel free to correct anything here.
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    But to be clear here, even with SP2 for the Exchange server, there is no way to get "true" push technology today for the 700w, correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdstoll
    But to be clear here, even with SP2 for the Exchange server, there is no way to get "true" push technology today for the 700w, correct?
    Correct, assuming you do not consider the SMS triggered sync to be "true push" (some people would argue that because the server initiates things upon receiving new mail, it is "push," and most of the time it is pretty quick...most of the time).

    Or, you are running Goodlink server, you could get "true push" right now.

    Sorry to nitpick, just trying to be clear on the response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdstoll
    But to be clear here, even with SP2 for the Exchange server, there is no way to get "true" push technology today for the 700w, correct?
    Only with a 3rd party solution. I personally use Goodlink and it rocks.

    I get mail on my mobile before my outlook desktop client gets it most of the time.
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    with - can you get push with a yahoo account?
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    Quote Originally Posted by leedog0
    with - can you get push with a yahoo account? is going to provide you with a hosted account, not a redirector for an existing one.
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