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    Yes, if you setup Yahoo to auto forward all of your email to the servers. Yahoo may charge for forwarding, I'm not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VZWuser is going to provide you with a hosted account, not a redirector for an existing one.
    True, but you can forward any other email box to theirs, which is what I do from my corporate mail server.
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    So if you using email forwarding to (or any other exchange server) does the push work at that point too?
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    Yes. Once you get your emails onto the Exchange Server, you can today get "pseudo push" with SMS via AUTD on the Exchange Server and as soon as the MSFP ROM upgrade comes out with DirectPush, you'll get true push. It's similar to AUTD, just doesn't use up your SMS message allowance. With 4smartphone for instance, my emails actually appear on my Treo FASTER than on my desktop Outlook client. Kind of strange actually!

    BTW, you don't have to use 4Smartphone. Any remote hosted exchange provider will do. I just happen to use their service.
  5. #25 also offers goodlink service for true push. There is a monthly fee for the exchange and the good access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdstoll
    But to be clear here, even with SP2 for the Exchange server, there is no way to get "true" push technology today for the 700w, correct?
    Not until they release the update.
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    How much more memory will the update (direct email push) be taking away from RAM? I cannot squeeze a whole lot more out of mine.
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