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    The problem with the upcoming email update from Microsoft is that eash Treo 700w using this will now take up a port on the Exchange server.
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    Ok excuse me if I'm an ***** but what kind of port? And how would this be different then being connected with a desktop and outlook running all day?
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    the push update makes the Treo connect to the Exchange server (really the front end ISA or IIS servers) in the same manner as does an OWA connection. Does OWA tie up an Exchange port? I didn't think so.
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    The general rule is to have one Front End Exchange server for every four back end exchange servers.... that one front end server can handle MANY (!) concurrent connections.

    Last I looked Microsoft (very large exchange customer ) has only two Front End Exchange servers for all their users... two! Of course each FE server is redundant and clustered but I think you get the idea...

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