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    I did a search and I was suprised I couldn't find anything.

    I use to back up my pocket PC all the time with active sync but hte option doesn't seem to be there. How do I back this up in case it hard resets?
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    More information for you here, here, here, and here.
    That should do it.
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    Thank you so much, I was hoping it was in activsync. I guess I need to spend $29 bucks to back this up any other options? This has been suprisingly stable and I don't have much on it so I am not sure it is worth the coin.
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    THe more that you start using the phone the more you will want to back it up.
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    Do I use the one for smart phones or can I use the one for pocket pc's
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    If you're looking at Sprite, use Pocket PC, non-VGA for the 700w.

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