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    I've been trying to track down a good (and preferably free) scientific graphing calculator program for my Treo 700w. I've tried Calc98, but it doesn't seem to work properly on WM5 (I think it's still written for older versions of WM). I'm basically trying to find something comparable to a TI-89 or at lest a TI-83. Any suggestions?

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    Okay, so I guess not. Well, I found a darned good solution...I bought Styletap, which is basically a Palm OS emulator for WM5. It's in beta, but it's been great for me so far, and I can run PowerOne Graph, which I had for my old Palm device. It's a lot faster on the Treo 700 than it was on the Palm, too. Still, if anyone knows of a native WM5 graphing calc, please post back!

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