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    I find that to use GoToMyPC PocketView I have to do a soft reset, remove my SD card and use OK to verify at least 10Mb of available memory even though the warnings say 8Mb. Otherwise, it works well for the few minutes I've used it.

    Anyone else have any experience with it?
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    I have to do the same soft reset. I have not had to remove the SD card though. You are right about the 10 MB free though.

    I still have to download the viewer everytime even though it shows in the Programs folder. Doesn't take long, but still annoying

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    I don't have to remove the SD card either. With VC disabled and Activesync set to manual, I can access without a soft reset. I still reset sometimes just for the extra memory.

    The reload of the viewer is a requirement of this software, but it is annoying.

    They reduced the subscription fee because I was going to cancel and I didn't think I'd use this service enough to justify the cost. I kept it for the reduced cost. I can actually run a high-end CAD/CAM software from my Treo. A little slow, but it works.

    Also been able to view a friends webcam and I can turn my desktop cam on and view my office while away...Kind of a cool "spy" feature.

    Customer Service is a pleasure to deal with.

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    Personaly I use VNC... The price is much better (free, unless you get PTvnc) and you can install the server on windows, mac, linux... or even the pocket pc if you want to reverse the process and connect to the pocket pc from a desktop. - Sometimes I just use the built in Terminal Server, in cases where I didn't install VNC yet and have to access a system remotely to fix it. << Since theres alot of client's and servers.

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