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    I now have many saved text messages I'd like to reference in a single file. Without doing a manual copy/paste, does anyone know of a way (or app) to accomplish this?
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    If it is anything like the contact and history files it is a binary file, not a text file.

    I have looked at this app but have not been able to try it. I do not have a backup solution, and have had my handheld re-provisioned by the exchange / goodlink guys 2 times in the last 10 days and am not up for asking them again right now.

    "Export all sent and received messages to a comma delimited text file for archive."
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    Yeah, I saw that but didn't think it worked with existing messages so didn't test it for the 700w.

    Thanks for the idea though.
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    Bumping this up hoping some new people and/or software exist to address this requirement.

    I have a number of text messages that I need to a file. I'm willing to use a binary editor if I can find the source of the Poutlook text messages on my device. I just don't want to enter each text message and copy/paste.


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