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    Yes, I did search the forum and didn't see anything that's too interesting there with respects to what I'm curious about

    I'm wonderin' about total memory usage, what's acceptable, etc.

    I've had my phone for a week... seems to stay pretty steady at 19mb used, 6 or so free. That seems high, but I'm not sure. I've seen other posts dealing with various things like the 4gig SD card where people have said they have 11+ megs of free memory. What's the average amount? How many programs / which programs are operating normally?

    Also, what applications are always running / are required? I'm guessing "phone" is one of those

    Sorry b'out the n00b questions...
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    Here is what I have.
    - 11.46MB after soft reset
    - 9.35MB after connecting to EVDO
    - 8.09MB after loading PIE

    After using it for a while it uses a bit more. So 6mb free seems about right.
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    I run Goodlink and I have 11.5~ after a soft reset, 5.5 after starting Good, PIE, and Pocket Outlook.
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    I usually have about 13 in use and 12'ish free.


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