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    reading all the posts, I am very worried about buying a new 700w.

    My concern is the "locking up" of the phone because of active sync.

    I am an experienced Windows Mobile user, and I have a great interest in the phone because of its form factor.

    Please advise me on whether to purchase or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kouka
    reading all the posts, I am very worried about buying a new 700w.

    My concern is the "locking up" of the phone because of active sync.

    I am an experienced Windows Mobile user, and I have a great interest in the phone because of its form factor.

    Please advise me on whether to purchase or not.
    I know there are a lot of people that have Activesync issues, however I am not one of them. It might be becasue I am connecting to a corporate Exchange server but I have had ZERO issues.

    I am not sure if I am in the minority on this....
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    ActiveSync is definately buggy on the treo. Many have found that by avoiding the syncing of notes and favorites it works ok. Also bluetooth sync seems to be fine. A lot of us are hoping that the upcoming patch will fix these issues, but no idea when that will be if ever.
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    I sync USB everything but my email and AS works for me. But as it always seems, there are some configurations that don't work like they are supposed to. As far as advising you whether to purchase or not. That decision rests with you. If you are an experienced Windows Mobile user, then you already know some of the hiccups with WM. This unit is definitley not plug and play, but with tweaking and time it manages to do alot of things that other PDA phones can't. Could it be better? Most certainly, but I think for now, this is they best they have to offer.

    This website offers a lot of help towards fixing issues with the phone and I think those people who have contributed fixes that make a significant difference should get a pat on the back.
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    You must remember, the only words you're likely to read here are those in anger and frustration. I have not had one major problem with my Treo 700 in the 6 weeks I've had it. In fact, it has worked better than any of the countless "regular" phones I've had. The only probs I've had are related to WM5 and I can live with them for now.
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    all good for me. get one & see what you think. In the end, only you can make the final call....
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    I echo the opinions expressed above - I have had a few hiccups with activesync - but a hard reset and restore with Sprite back-up made them go away in a matter of minutes. It has not "locked up" on me at all. But I would add one word of caution. If you are uncomfortable playing around with your phone to tweak it to make it do what you want, to uninstall something that sounded like a good idea but maybe slowed everything down, or to try and figure out why is it doing what it is doing and adjusting the offending setting, then I would say THIS PHONE IS NOT FOR YOU.
    It is a powerful tool but as someone said above, it is not "Plug and Play" I think the frustration you hear in the posts largely comes from people who expected perfection (the phone ain't cheap and it probably should work better than it does at that price" and from people who are a little intimidated by the technology.
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    Speaking as an observer of this and other boards, not a user, I'd say a big thing is whether you have an Exchange Server. If, yes, I'd give it a shot....if not, be wary of ActiveSync.

    If ya grab one, I'd do a local brick and mortar "all carriers" store where they can advise ya of the experience of other customers and give ya the ability to wlk in and get any issues addressed as well as easily return the phone. In my experience, it will also save you money, get you a shorter contract and at least in my case, they gave me cash for signing over the rebates to them.
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    I am one of the many people have experienced USB AS problems. Fewer people have reported BT & IR AS problems. A 15 minute backup/hard reset/restore seems to resolve most AS issues. More importantly, I've not read that any of these AS problems have resulted in "locking up" a phone.

    Try it and use the heck out of it (lots of Active Syncing) for 15 days. If you have any hint of trouble, call VZW, they usually stretch that 15 days to 30 days if you call within the first 15 days.
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    I have this phone and really like it. I am also very patient and will put up with bugs and workarounds to have the latest toy. The upside of this phone far outweighs the drawbacks IMO. I also do over-the-air sync and have sworn off Activesync. Frankly, Activesync is completely awful and 100% worthless. It never syncs with my exchange server via USB and gives me an error code that is not in the online database, so I can't fix it. This also keeps me from syncing other aspects of the phone via USB. Either way, I am hoping the upcoming patch fixes these issues and this phone will be unmatched.

    It's all about what you are willing to put up with. If all you want is contacts, notes, email, and no problems, seriously don't get this phone. If you want the most powerful thing out there and are willing to do some tinkering to get it you can't go wrong with the 700w.
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    I've had mine since mid January and today peformed my 4th hard reset due to active sync failure...again. I don't know who is responsible here Microsoft, Palm, Verizon, but this device is not reliable, imo.

    I have not done any reg hacks or loaded up with third party software like I did with Palm OS because I need reliability of phone & pda first and foremost.
    3rd party apps I run:
    cubis game - came on verizon cd
    picsel viewer - came on verizon cd
    illium eWallet - purchased
    I sync via activesync usb to two computers.

    I absolutely love the form factor, but there are several issues that I find extremely annoying on this phone. If it weren't for the advice and ppl on this board I would have thrown the phone away quite some time ago, and gone back to carrying two different, but reliable devices.

    Activesync is flat out awful and unreliable.

    Everytime I turn the phone off/put it in flight mode or soft reset it, I have to go back into the phone configuration and switch it from home to automatic b so that it roams properly in my area (dc). This is very annoying to me and I have never had or heard of a single phone that behaves this way.

    Rarely some calendar appointments don't sync at all, which I haven't figured out yet. I've had a few of the other common bugs but they are all liveable for me.

    buy or not buy, that's subjective. I don't regret my purchase, but the manufacturer and carrier support is pretty lame. Almost three months and no patch yet? That's rediculous considering the number of and substance to the issues many people have experienced.

    edited to add:
    ...and for what it's worth, my first 15 days were great. no active sync problems.
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    You have 15 days to return the phone if you don't like it, so I say give it a try.
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    Had mine for 3 months and running like a champ.
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    I agree with Delta--most of the post you'll see here will be complaints. I've had some issues with AS but nowhere near the problems that I've read about. Coming from the Palm OS world, it took me a bit of getting used to. Now I love it. Given your expertise you should have no problems.

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    mines been running great too, no problems, but i will be selling mine on ebay as soon as it comes in(I went out of state and my treo 700w didnt come back with me) but i had insurance. It just wasnt enough pda for me, i will be ebaying my treo and buying a regular phone and a dell axim x51v.

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    I think the best thing is for you to try it yourself. I sync my Treo with an exchange server. I have not had too many issues with the "lock ups". Every now and then, it will slow down, but not completely freeze. I have my activesync set to manual during off-peak hours. That helped significantly. It also went a long way to improving my battery life. I think that once the push patch comes out, things will get a lot better. the phone will not constantly be polling the server for new items, so it will cut down on the number of syncs and opportunities for slow-downs.
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    Syncing is fine. The real problem is the 32MB of RAM. I hate Palm and will never buy another product from them since their plan is to sell you the worst phone you might consider buying. When Microsoft says 64MB is recommended, there is a damn good reason and you'll NEVER get away with less than their bloated software requirements.

    The reason for the RAM is because the OS is pretty slow and Windows Mobile 5 is made to quickly yank apps out of running in the backround to improve responsiveness of the phone. Once you install a few apps and use them, the phone will slow down to the point of unbelieveable frustration. You'll wish you had never left the Palm world. While the phone is capable of doing "cool stuff" it isn't worth the endless waiting that is required when using the 700w with more than just IE and the built in email and calendar. If you are planning to buy some apps expect a horror show since it makes ordinary tasks impossible.
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    I have had mine for almost 3 months now and i love it... Yes, there are some bugs in it but nothing that serious. I sync via the USB cable and it works fine but i only sync contacts, calender and tasks. If you get one i would recomend a fairly large SD card to keep everything on, i have resco explorer, spb pocket plus, adobe and all of my work files on it to save the memory of the phone and everything works great.
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    Mine keeps getting better also. No activesync problems since dong the work around and able to start it manually. Syncs everytime now that it doesn't try and sync every 5 minutes. I've had to do 2 hard resets since having mine the first week of January. Both of those were to correct problems caused by 3rd party apps. A good backup program, and a 4gb SD card makes this a great device for me. Tomtom works great and still trying some other software. Developers are getting the bugs worked out and I think the first OS upgrade will fix the majority of other problems.
    This is exactly the device I was looking for. Be prepared to spend some time with it when you first get it. I wouldn't call it plug and play and there is a learning curve.
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    thanks everyone for your advice.

    I think I will give it a try.
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