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I've had mine since mid January and today peformed my 4th hard reset due to active sync failure...again. I don't know who is responsible here Microsoft, Palm, Verizon, but this device is not reliable, imo.

I have not done any reg hacks or loaded up with third party software like I did with Palm OS because I need reliability of phone & pda first and foremost.
3rd party apps I run:
cubis game - came on verizon cd
picsel viewer - came on verizon cd
illium eWallet - purchased
I sync via activesync usb to two computers.

I absolutely love the form factor, but there are several issues that I find extremely annoying on this phone. If it weren't for the advice and ppl on this board I would have thrown the phone away quite some time ago, and gone back to carrying two different, but reliable devices.

Activesync is flat out awful and unreliable.

Everytime I turn the phone off/put it in flight mode or soft reset it, I have to go back into the phone configuration and switch it from home to automatic b so that it roams properly in my area (dc). This is very annoying to me and I have never had or heard of a single phone that behaves this way.

Rarely some calendar appointments don't sync at all, which I haven't figured out yet. I've had a few of the other common bugs but they are all liveable for me.

buy or not buy, that's subjective. I don't regret my purchase, but the manufacturer and carrier support is pretty lame. Almost three months and no patch yet? That's rediculous considering the number of and substance to the issues many people have experienced.

edited to add:
...and for what it's worth, my first 15 days were great. no active sync problems.

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours working on an ActiveSync problem and an hour on the phone with a tech who, despite my doubts, was "sure" my problem was due to script blocking. The tech was so convincing that I even uninstalled my Norton Internet Security to no avail. I finally checked Microsoft's knowledge base and found that Outlook has to be running during syncs. As soon as I opened it, the sync worked fine. Later, another ActiveSync problem developed and a different Palm Tech said the only fix was a hard reset, so that was my second.