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    Is that possible to connect your laptop to the 700w via a cord or something and surf the Internet at broadband speeds?

    And is this something that could be used where ever you go that your phone will connect?

    Tell me about this option possibilities with the's the main reason I would jump to the 700w from my 650.......

    Tell me-help.
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    possibly with pdanet??
    Treo 650... 2 broken screens, doesn't sync well, and a jacked up audio jack, but it's still better than anything i've seen so far.
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    Well the 700w doesn't have WiFi... but you can use PDAnet to use the EV-DO connection to tether with your laptop over USB or Bluetooth [beta].

    Just to note: It's against Verizon TOS to tether, so do it at your own risk. I quit following the exact discussions a while back, as you just get one person saying "yeah, it works, they dont care" and the next says "they canceled me!! omg!"... So yeah, thats just what Verizon says about it.
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    So according to what ya'll are main reason to trade up isn't really real?
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    It is possible to do with PDAnet software by June Fabrics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalifMike
    It is possible to do with PDAnet software by June Fabrics.
    ... he wanted WiFi
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    Verizon told me that I had to upgrade from basic data to add another $15 per month for the higher speed broadband connection. They also said that I could cancel this after one month then add it back on at will with no penalty. It wasn't something that I had to sign up for a whole year of if I could not make it work. Can any body else confirm this?

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