New Treo 700w user. I'm attempting to create a new POP3 connection to my sole email account. I understand that it'll be a duplication of my current outlook account, but i can deal with that later.

Currently my new Pop3 connection can neither receive nor send emails. My confusion may be linked to the fact that I send and receive emails normally via different domains...but for now I think that I ought to be able to at least receive email at least on the Treo directly. But when I tell it to send/receive it tells me to re-enter my username and password and "domain" (although those fields are already filled in), and keep looping back to that screen.

If you check under accounts in Outlook, there is no such thing as "domain", so that's a little confusing. I've tried just the domain, and "" but why should that matter anyway?

Eventually it tells me that it can't download messages

And no where did it ask me for the user name and password of the outgoing email server, but surely that shouldn't matter for the incoming one? (For which the email/password is correct)

Any ideas? Thanks