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    Email clients for Palm such as snapperMail and ChatterEmail are too good to be true - they made emailing on Treo a reality and joy. I used PPCs in the past, none of them had something that was close. With a device that has keyboard, email is the #1 usage. So here comes my questions about IMAP on 700W:

    1) Does it snyc flags with an IMAP server? I.e., I read a message on 700W, will I see that message to be marked as read when later I download it from the IMAP server to my desktop PC? Note this is not about ActiveSync; it's about IMAP server flagging. Cannot live without this feature, as we all do email on couple computers and handhelds.

    2) Does it delete a message on the server as well? I.e., I delete a message, that message will also be deleted the next time I sync/check messages. Cannot live without this feature in a world of junk mail.

    3) Does it uploading sent messages to the server? I.e., a sent message will also be sent to the "sent" folder of the IMAP server the next time I sync/check messages. This feature is nice to have, but BCC can be a workaround.

    4) How fast or how slow it syncs with an IMAP server? The sync on my Windows CE 4.2 is too slow to be usable. Sync on My Treo 650 with either SnapperMail or ChatterEmail is very quick, never an issue. If it is too slow, I'll end up never checking email again.

    Thank you!
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    I think you should look at a hosted exchange solution.. with exchange Mobile Outlook works much better than IMAP. IMHO.
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    Thank you, I'll try the free mail2web.

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