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    Quote Originally Posted by aferm
    Had mine set up the issues.... funny how some have success with the exact same settings, and others don't......
    Don't think you understand. We have the same settings and neither of us have issues.

    That doesn't excuse Palm/MS/VZW though. We should be able to check network time.
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    Understood you the first time.... I was just a little paranoid regarding the whole DST bug, and after playing with the settings, I assumed this would be the safest way to go without having any problems. I'm glad someone else figured the work around to this. It is definetly an issue that must be corrected....
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    The bug seems to have affected my Sprite Backup automatic backup setting. the time passed for the backup, so I did one manually, and later saw a notification on my phone that the automatic backup missed and would be skipped. Guess I'll have to delete the setting and re-enter it.
    Treo 750 and iPhone.
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    Sorry to hammer on this again but I cannot even begin to tell you how this bug f'ed up everything. I'm getting my reminders going off two hours early and when I sit here and look at all my appts, I have no idea if they were actually scheduled for noon or 11:00. This is such an f'ing disaster. I'm gong to be dealing with this issue for weeks.

    I'm usually very tolerant of "bugs" with emerging tech but this just blows my mind. Total BS.
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    When I first saw this I was hoping it was an April fools joke. After spending time correcting the problems on my calendar, I guess the joke was on me.

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    Wrote about this on my blog to get the word out to a few more folks:

    This is unforgivable. Palm's recommended "solution" is especially comical: Re-create all the affected events, and then only create future events on the DESKTOP.

    I'm trying to think of any way that the Treo 700w's Calendar beats a paper planner at this point, but I'm not coming up with many.
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    After reading everyone's posts, I checked my appts. Everything is showing up at the correct time. I did, however, notice yesterday that the time on the phone was an hour behind. I checked my time setting and it was on GMT 5 Indiana. I am in NJ. I am pretty sure it was set to the correct time zone initially, so that may be something else to check.
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    The vast majority of my appointments were created in Outlook or sent to me via email. These are all fine. I think this is true for most people. I think it is fair to say that Network Time is a bad idea on CDMA phones which inherently have a calendar based on timezones. The network time signal does not give timezone information. I can only see one way around this - allow people to specify the timezone as they create an event. However it seems more likely that Network Time should be turned off or disabled in the 700w.

    PS One useful tip for those who choose to turn off Network Time. You will have to set the local time when you fly to different parts of the country. Use the Visiting feature in Clock & Alarms Settings rather than changing your Home time. When you arrive in a new location, do the following.

    1. Press Start and choose Settings
    2. Click on the System tab in Settings
    3. Choose Clock & Alarms
    4. From the Time tab, Select Visiting radio button
    5. Now select the timezone of the place you are visiting e.g. GMT+1 for Berlin, Rome
    6. Click OK to save the new timezone information.

    Now the system clock has changed and all appointments will be created in the new timezone. Beware of creating appointments when talking to the folks back home if you are making the appointment to happen back in the other timezone - you will have to compensate for the difference e.g. an appointment for 3pm Pacific made in Eastern time would have to be set for 6pm Eastern.

    When you arrive back from your trip, set the Clock & Alarms setting back to Home.
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    The way these systems (both Outlook and Treo) should work is to allow both the time zone and the applicability of DST to be explicitly specified at the time an appointment is created, defaulting to the current time zone and the DST policy for the current location. Without that, the software simply doesn't have enough information to make these adjustments correctly, bug or no bug; it can't know what the user was thinking when he made the appointment.

    If I'm flying from home (Boston) to SFO next week, the last thing I want to do is to make all my appointments for the "wrong" time so that they will adjust themselves when I arrive. What I actually do instead is make all appointments for their actual time, and then I just leave the phone on Eastern time even when I'm in another zone. It's easier to make the mental adjustment for "real" time than to juggle all this other stuff.
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    ..and by the way, please let's lighten up on the "class action suit" nonsense. This is an irritating problem, sure, and it's a case they should have covered in testing, but nobody's gonna die. You want cutting edge, you're going to get a little cut every so often.
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    The "class action" suit threads always get my eyes rolling, but you have to admit this is pretty bad. This isn't like "I had 37 third-party apps installed, and now my Today screen is slow -- I'm going to sue!" This one's baked right into the core of the OS.

    Keeping a calendar with events on it is kind of a "key" feature of a PDA. And let's not kid ourselves -- the 700w is marketed as a "smartphone" and this is one of the primary reasons you would be convinced to buy this instead of cheap Nokia. Having a bug that causes some or all of your appointments to move by an hour or a day that's triggered by something as commonplace as a DST change... I find that hard to forgive. (I probably shouldn't disparage the "cheap Nokias", since their calendars probably made it through DST fine.)

    Fortunately for me, I wasn't bitten too badly by this. But I can imagine people who this must have been disastrous for.

    I'm no stranger to the cutting edge... I've used versions of Windows Mobile before this that had meeting alarms that failed to sound until you woke the device up from sleep. My first Sidekick device had a bug where the phone would fail to ring if it was in keyguard. I was missing almost every call for months until they fixed it. I put up with it because everything else was working great for me at the time, and a fix had to come sooner or later. But a phone that doesn't ring, and a calendar on which your events move -- these are serious problems, and there is no accountability. There isn't even an illusion of accountability.

    Forehead-slappers like this one are not obscure. I'm a developer, and if I was writing a CALENDAR application, I would at least try simulating a DST transition once before shipping it. I guess that's what irritates me the most about this one. It seems like it could have been avoided easily.

    How much of this sort of bugginess a person can tolerate is definitely a matter of taste, and I certainly pay the price from time to time for my gadget fetishism. Fine, if I was smart, I wouldn't keep buying 'em. But really, there comes a point of diminishing value when you have a PDA that randomly tosses all your events around one morning.

    Anyway, I've said my piece. As has been said many times before, especially in this forum, if this annoys you, remember it next time you get out your credit card at the wireless dealer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casabooboo
    Nothing short of a recall would make me happy at this point.
    Oh please! That's ridiculous. These are things that can be fixed with a simple sofware update, and likely will be.
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    Oh crap....

    Was under the impression in prior discussions on here that the solution to the DST problem was to uncheck "Use Network Time Zone" but after reading Palm's 'solution' for the DST bug, it looks like you need to have "Enable Local Network Time" unchecked as well. Mine was checked.

    So does this basically mean that all the appts I made on my phone while "Enable Local Network Time" was checked will now be moved back an hour this coming weekend with the change, or can I uncheck it now and be saved?

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    Is this bug a problem on the 700wx?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slbailey1 View Post
    Is this bug a problem on the 700wx?
    Ditto that question?
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    double ditto. do 700wx owners need to do anything?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I thought this was fixed with the Push Email firmware update
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    I might call Palm and ask them. I'm on the on the phone with them now regarding this.
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    Ok, just got off the phone with Palm tech support. They said that the 700wx "shouldn't" be effected he said it was a Verizon 700wx bug, but to be safe go to settings>system>clock>more tab> check enable local network time.

    I guess we'll all find out early Sunday morning.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Hasn't happened to me at all with the 700wx.
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