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    Quote Originally Posted by Mill
    I think there is also something wrong with the Verizon network time. Mine resets to Indiana (last night). I am in Eastern (Ohio). (GMT -5) This morning after the change it resets to Caracas, La Paz! (GMT -4) Caracas is giving me the correct time.
    The problem with "Enable local network time" has been discussed here at length. 700Ws apparently all want to live in Indianapolis in the winter and Caracas, Venezuela in the summer. Simply deselect that option as described earlier in this thread, and your phone will be like every other PPC phone in the Verizon network. And the horribly frightening DST2K6 bug will become a thing of the past - so to speak.
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    Hey I didnt notice my appointments were one hour early until today at 1:30am...

    Than when 2am came around my phone did not jump to 3am (dont ask why im still up damn warcraft)

    Turned the radio off by holding down the power button and back on.. dont know if its a coincidence but at 2:02 or 2:03 (few seconds after i turned the radio back on) it jumped to 3:03 and my appointments were fine....

    ...why am i posting this? I dont know.. what else is there to do at 2am? (3am now).

    (network time was on and im leaving it on...)
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    The problem is Caracas time appears to have fixed my appointment problem. Am I better off zapping my 700w calendar (I use Goodlink), turning off network time and then resyncing the calendar?
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    Does it work correctly if you enable local network time but de-select use network time zone on the phone?

    I really am shocked that this got by the guys who designed this. From what I can tell there is a pretty significant difference in how outlook handles appointments as opposed to how WM 5 does it. I guess they thought no one would experience any problems with this issue since you can barely sync the phone with other computers via USB with the new "improved" activesync anyway. I really am trying to be patient with this phone, but this is getting ridiculous.
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    Ok, so when i woke up this morning my time to advance one hour. So I deselected network that point it adjusted to Daylight Saving...but appointments were still an hour behind. I then did a Active Sync (over air)...soft reset. When it came back up I selected network time....

    All is fine now. Not sure the rhyme or reason of these steps, but it worked for me.
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    Sure as hell, all of the appts I made in my Treo are one hour ahead of where I set them. The ones initiated on Outlook are fine. I cannot believe this.
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    The problem as I see it is a loss of confidence. We've been through much with this device. Now it screwed up our appointments - what's next?

    I expected problems. I actually planned on 4 phones. Me and my family. I thought it best to hold off till I saw how it worked for me. Now - In good conscience I could not recommend this to anyone. What a shame!!!

    Nothing short of a recall would make me happy at this point.
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    One other point...My Samsung i730 with SD's WM5 on it adjusted for DST just fine. This is a Palm issue...not a WM5 Issue. at least from my personal experience.
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    It may be a Palm issue. My guess is that since you have 3 companies involved there will be finger pointing. Who would you believe? Microsoft, Verizon or Palm?

    All I care about is get this thing fixed and deal with the memory problem.
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    I agree..I don't care either. just pointing it out in case anyone talks to palm on this and they say it is a WM5 issue across the board.
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    Geralde - good point. I think we should "gang up" on who sold us the phone. For most it's probably Verizon. Let Verizon and the other vendors put pressure on MS and Palm.
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    the thing that is so hard with this phone though - you can see the potential. I love the form factor. When I compare it to the i730, the palm wins hands down....just for the form factor. But the issues that I have struggled with:

    1. Memory - enough said!
    2. Call waiting - we all know that issue. That one is just a crazy as #3.
    3. Daylight savings time - allowing you to be 1 hour early all day. Crazy issue.
    4. Bluetooth issues - i have been ok with this one, but many have complained.

    Hopefully the upcoming firmware upgrade with at least fix 3 of the 4 above. And as far as memory goes....thank goodness for magic button.
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    Hopefully they will fix 3 out of 4, but confidence is still the issue. Who knows what will crop up 12/31/06? After all, 6 years after Y2K, the 3 Stooges (MS, Verizon, and Palm) is bound to screw it up.
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    I just don't get why the appts don't simply sync up with what's on Outlook, even if I made that appt on the Treo.

    I've been very patient with this device, from the daily soft resets to weak memory and such but this really gets to me.
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    I don't think any of us will ever get the truth. Here's why - Palm "bug report" explains what is going on. What is wrong with my 700 is different from what Palm claims.
    1. DST - my time was off before DST kicked in.
    2. Just about all of my appointments are keyed into Outlook. Not the 700. About half were rendered incorrect. No logic here!

    My guess is, they are not coming clean with us - but mostly - they just don't know.
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    Did anyone receive an email from Palm notifying them that this problem had been found? I didn't, although I would expect them to send out a mass email notifying their customers of such a serious problem. I guess Palm just assumes that we all are checking discussion boards like this everyday, and given that there are so many problems with the device we do have keep checking these boards. I think it's ridiculous that there even has to be a forum like this with so many people trying to solve these problems on our own. I mean, I don't have use a discussion board to work out problems with my television. I'm going to send a message to my Verizon corporate sales rep and suggest that the sales team really needs to pressure Palm to fix this device, because as soon as someone else comes out with something that really works I'm going to leave Verizon behind. I guess the sad part is that I am so hopeful about what this thing is advertised to do (and I've invested so much time into using it so far) that I'm not ready to toss it.
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    Just checking out this thread and it sounds like a number of people had a negative impact to the DST change.

    I have an average of 4 events per day -- all came though just fine. I had "Enable local network time" checked but "Use network time zone" unchecked.
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    I've tried everything under the sun to fix this issue and I'm outta luck. Blows my mind. so basically, I get to look forward to this every six months? I imagine they will roll out a patch for this but for that to happen, someone has to step up and say "my fault" and get it done.

    This really, really suck.
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    All my scheduling from before I unchecked network timezone were an hour behind (or a day if an all day appt). Even items that were synced over from Outlook before I got the treo were behind (birthdays, holidays, etc). But everything I've scheduled after unchecking the network timezone are fine. I've had to re-date all the birthdays and holidays. Annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    Just checking out this thread and it sounds like a number of people had a negative impact to the DST change.

    I have an average of 4 events per day -- all came though just fine. I had "Enable local network time" checked but "Use network time zone" unchecked.
    Had mine set up the issues.... funny how some have success with the exact same settings, and others don't......
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