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    After looking through this discussion group I think that I have discovered something about the 700W that I am NOT happy with. I hope I am wrong, but from what I see here, our 700W is CDMA (Verizon) and not GSM. This means that we cannot unlock and change out the SIM and use this Treo internationally. I hope I am wrong, please tell me I am wrong.

    My brother travels internationally often and is going to have to pass on the Treo 700W and buy a Blackberry in order to do this. Is there a work around for this somehow?

    The link for this info comes from . .,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(28920)

    Please tell me there is a way around this problem.
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    CDMA phones do not work on GSM networks and vice versa. The only exceptions are "Worldphone" equivalents in which both standards are incorporated into the phone (like the SCH-i700). The Treo 700w is CDMA only (for now). Your brother will have to pass on it (for now).

    Your brother will also be unable to:
    - Receive DirecTV using his Dish Network box.
    - Run Mac programs on a Windows machine.
    - Use his Southwest Airlines frequest flyer miles on United Airlines.
    - Run his Toyota Camry on hydrogen fuell cells.

    Compatibility comes with features and limitations. He'll have to shop elsewhere (i.e. not in the 700W forum) if he wants a phone for Europe or most of Asia.
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    ouch! No mercy Kupe :-)

    CDMA phones are really all about the Americas. Verizon and Sprint offer GSM rental services when you are overseas - along with forwarding of your number to the GSM while you are away. If you need CDMA coverage in the US or Canada (sometimes GSM is poor in specific locales), your best bet is to have one of each. use the GSM when you are away and forward the CDMA number to the GSM.
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    Very well put Mr. Kupe!
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    Sorry to hear this is an issue for your brother NormBo. Unfortunately this isn't a 700w issue... its a VZW (vs the rest of the world) issue. Its been an issue for as long as CDMA and GSM phones have been around. Maybe one day the world will agree on ONE cell phone standard (though I somehow doubt it)!
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    Your brother doesn't HAVE to get a Blackberry. There are plenty of GSM Smartphones and Pocket PC phones that have similar features to the 700w. He can go to Cingular and look at the 2125 and 8125 for example, or he can buy an I-mate model that is an world wide unlocked phone.
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    Nope, no way around it... unless they get a 700w GSM out soon.

    I would have him look into another pocket pc phone, they make quite a few gsm models. He could also get a BlackBerry, but I dunno... I used to have one, and it wouldn't even load some websites (giving an error "this page is to large for the device) or they just didn't work at all; like my stock broker site.

    What I do give BB... Email still comes in quicker on the BB. I had my 7100 and the Treo 700w running side by side for a few days, the BB always would get the message first. (now to be honest, I don't really care if my 700w gets the message a minute later... but there are some people that want it as "instant" as possible.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martimus
    Maybe one day the world will agree on ONE cell phone standard (though I somehow doubt it)!
    That will be the day when the world has:
    one standard to deliver power
    one television format
    one measurement system

    the world will never agree on anything
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    Verizon does have CDMA international roaming. It is a per/min fee for calls and just requires the international roaming feature added to his account. Depending on where he is traveling, any verizon phone would work in those countries. Here is a link to the list of countries that have CDMA roaming.
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    Thanks guys, that is crystal clear! I really appreciate that!

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