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    i got an email from a russell research group with a partnership with Palm and they asked me to take a survey about my Treo 700w, i took about 20 minutes and there were loads of opinion questions about what u like, u dont like, what you would add and what you would change, and there was a section on the memory issue, has anyone else gotten this email or taken this survey?
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    not me...
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    not me and i have 2 phones registered under different emails.
    Could it be that you are a corp account?
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    no not at all, it said they emailed me because i registered my phone at palm, but there were lot of question like which would u like to see as a feature, camer with 3mp, wifi connection, more memory , clearer speakerphone then u had to rank things from what yuo like the most to least then there were sections on answering were u, very pleased, somewhat pleased, not pleased or so on so i guess palm is tryin to look into the problems people are having
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    I received an email a few days ago from the same survey group. Completed it the yesterday....
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    the email looks like this

    Dear Palm Customer,

    Russell Research, working in partnership with Palm, needs your opinions for a survey about handheld computers and smartphones. This survey will give you the chance to tell Palm how you feel about their products, and also how you use them. The answers you provide will help Palm better meet the needs of their customers, and in addition make strategic decisions about their products and services.

    By sharing your opinions with us, you will be entered into a drawing where you will have a chance to win 1 of 10 $50 cash prizes. All winners will be notified by email. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for notification and distribution of prizes.

    The survey should take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

    Please proceed to:

    (insert link here)

    Or copy the address onto your browser.

    Thank you for participating!!!

    If you have any questions or problems with the survey, please email and reference Project 60278 in the subject line.

    All information provided is confidential and strictly for research purposes.

    You have been sent this invitation because you have registered your Palm handheld computer on the website and agreed to be re-contacted. If you do not wish to receive further emails from Palm, please email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.
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    I received the same email filled it out and sent it back. I was just notified that I am the winner of new BMW and $500,000 cash. It also said something about subscribing to 50 magazines and releasing my email address to 1 million spammers. But they said my BMW should arrive in my mailbox next week sometime and something about the $500,000 and Toys R Us which I quiet didn't get.
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    ...and boy am I glad! It really gave me an opportunity to give 'em a whiff of what we've been discussing here for so long. I may not post very often, however I read nearly every day, almost religeously. The obvious hope is that someone(s) that matter will take it to heart...yawn yah right

    Still, it felt kinda cool to be included so I told 'em what was what, of course throwing in the coveted feature and software wish list and hammering home the memory issue till it bled!

    I'm sorta surprised that it went as in depth as it did. I think the degree of agreement in the data pool will be absolutely overwhelming!

    It's like a soap opera...I just can't wait to see what kind of crazy turn the plot will take next?!? (dripping with gobs of sarcasm )
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    I just got this email!
    I will be answering it in a few!
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    yeah it is very in depth
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    I took the survey last night. Basically it lets you ***** about everything that is wrong and needs to be improved about this phone. I loved it. Hopefully they take the information and do something about it, da bastards.
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    I completed the survey this morning. Let's see if our "suggestions" lead to anything.

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    I did mine yesterday. One item of note is how they asked the same questions about future features but changed out the options ultimately to see whe you really want. TV on my phone is not a hot need unless they can get me a 10 hour battery while using it that isn't a car battery.
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    yeah and how they asked about a 2mp camera then it went to 3mp and think even 4mp
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    Bringing this thread back up... i just got an email from asking me to take another survey... has anyone else gotten this email?

    I didn't question it til I got to the end and it asked for my name and address for my $5 check. not really a problem getting the check or not, but it looks really fishy.

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    I didn't get emailed a survey but they actually called me tonight. I was eating dinner so I didn't talk to them but when I called back I got Russell mktg research.
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    I got the survey offer, and it said if I filled it out they'd send me a check for $5.... woopty friggen doo....
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    I got the $5 one too. - I wonder if it has anything to do with either being a member on the website or having commented on an entry on the Palm blog. I've done both.
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    I got this but it was a very short survey, and didnt ask for a name or address. It asked for gender, age, if I had used a palm device, my current palm device, my provider, and then it said thanks. I guess being female, having sprint and owning a 755 is a bad combination. It said it would take 15-20 mins to complete, but it took all of 60 seconds. Oh well.
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