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    9 times out of 10 I am getting a services.exe error after a soft reset. Sometimes I also get a gwes.exe error as well but that error is rare.

    Installed software is minimal: Picsel File Viewer, Astraware Sudoku, a very minimalist alarmclock from GreenSoftware, and the just recently installed Sprite Backup.

    After a soft reset the phone also plays many different ring tones/alert tones one after another and/or simultaneously (this goes on for awhile and then eventually stops, but sometimes even starts up again for a bit).

    Never dropped and/or abused (the phone is all of 3 weeks old).

    Has anyone else with a 700w experienced this behavoir?
    Treo 700w
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    I would take it back i've never had those problems which is odd if there is something to go wrong i'm usually the one to get it. Take it back an get another one.
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    Well I'm glad that you're not having to deal with these types of problems Chris. I've witnessed some pretty bizzare behavior so far. Anyway thanks, you're right I should go and exchange it.
    Treo 700w

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