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    Everything pretty much seems to run fine on my Treo 700 except when I select my email application (outlook) it takes up to 20 and 30 seconds to start. Is this normal and is there a way to speed it up? Even CoPilot Live GPS starts faster than this along with every other program I use.

    I am running WisBar but if I remember correctly, I had the same outlook speed issue before I installed this.
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    I Have had the same problem and the only thing that will speed it up is a hard reset. IMO it is the way PO handles deleted mail I think it gets stored and is not removed correctly and that is what causes the delay. This theory could be FOS but I know after a HR it takes 3 seconds to open messaging right now I am at 8 seconds and If I let it go I will be at 25 to 30 seconds in no time.
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    Same issue for me.
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    That seems like a careless bug on someone's part. I've never done a hard reset. If I do so, will I loose program installed on my SD memory stick? I have yet to learn how to back it up. I guess I will have to learn.

    How long does a hard reset solve the problem for?

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