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    I won an ebay auction t77 brand new $50 bucks user had 100% positive feedback. She didnt need the case since she sold her treo.

    t77 on ebay

    Some people wont like the lime, but hey green is my favorite color



    Ill post pics etc when I get it.
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    Haha, hilarious!!! I was watching that auction and thinking of bidding on it, but figured if I was going to get another I'd get a custom made one with my colors and a belt clip. I noticed it ended with only 1 bid. Funny that it was you.
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    I figured that for $50 its pretty much a steal.
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    Ok I got the case on moday, and wow do I love it. It fits perfectly... its awesome. I am leaving for a trip today, Ill be back tomorrow and post some pics.


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