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    Any decent software available? Free or shareware that allows for a nice clean backup of my settings and data? - just in case


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    Your main options (besides backing up basic data with active synch) are Sprite Backup (which will if Palm is being honest eventually free for 700W owners):

    or SPB Backup

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    Where can I learn about this Sprite Backup deal? If its not going to happen for awhile, id rather err on the side of caution.

    Anyone have any comments on either pieces of software?


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    NM about which is better I found some threads talking about sprite being the better solution.
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    Can you use the Sprite backup after doing a ROM upgrade? Like I update my Treo to AKU2 then can I just restore the backup to get all the settings back?

    I have 10 of these Treo 700w's it would be nice to not have reprogram every one. (My users would appreciate it too.)
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    My experience with ROM upgrades is that it is better to reinstall everything from scratch.

    An earlier version of Sprite had a special option to minimize the risks of using a backup after an upgrade or when migrating to another device with the same OS level. I don't know if this version has that option. Maybe you could ask that question on the Sprite forum and report back here.
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    i just bought spb backup 1.1 and it does NOT work on the 700w. it just gets stuck about 80% through. it says "storing system data" and never completes. anyone else have this problem ?
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    I use Sprite backup on the my Treo 700 and 3 other WM devices. Works quite well on all.
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    Sprite has been great so far. I had to replace my Treo 700w (again) and when I restored from my last backup I put in my password and it was done. Unlike old backup software in WM2003 etc you could not install from one device to another without issues.

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