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    OK, after many attempts... and some help from Palm....

    1. I got my Treo to sync with my home PC via Bluetooth.
    2. I got my work PC to sync via USB

    I am however having a couple issues...

    When I sync at home and then try and sync at work (or visa versa) I have to delete one of the partnerships and recreate it.

    Whats up with that? Am I doing something wrong?

    I think this may be a config issue
    Basically I want to configure my Treo and PCs so the following happens.

    Primary Partnership should be the Treo and my office PC. As this is most of the important stuff I use.
    The secondary partnership is my Treo and the house which is in essence a mirror (backup) of the stuff at work.

    Sometimes Ill make changes to files on my Treo and sync at work and the changes will be written over by the PC. Example if I edit a task or something like that on the Treo and sync at work the work adds a duplicate copy back on to my Treo (without the changes I made)
    Whats wrong here?

    Hope thats not two confusing. Thanks in advance with any help you can provide.


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    Any ideas?

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