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    Ok, I bought the treo 700w on saturday

    I have already bought the following stuff:

    1. Palm Desktop dual charger - should be here monday

    2. An el cheapo rubber skin case, that some people say is pretty nice from ebay (it was like $1 +S/H)

    3. Martin Field Overlay

    4. ShieldZone Full Body Kit

    5. A PNY 1GIG sd card ($39 Compusa)

    Ill also get but havent yet ordered:

    5. a stylus or two - not sure about the palm pen/stylus combo... anyone use these?

    6. Im looking at the Piel Frama Flip or the Vaja T77 Flip for a fulltime case...

    7. Probably a travel charger.

    Any other recommendations?


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    You may want to consider the enovo case too from
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    Hmm that looks like a nice case too.. I like the removable lid as well... thanks for the info - I think darn those choices.

    Are you currently using this case?

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