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    I did a search on Active Sync and a lot came up after about reading more than 5 mins and not ebing able to find exactly what I am in need of I decided to post my concerns. Sorry if this repetative.

    I sync my Treo700w twice a day, once in the mroning and once at night. It takes quite some time from the time I connect it via the USB cable something like 2-7 minutes before it starts syncronizing. I thought the 4.1 version was an upgrade. any suggestions or guidelines for making the sync go smoother and faster?
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    I had the same got really bad. The only thing that worked was a complete uninstall of active sync and a hard reset. Has been good for a couple of weeks and now starting to slow down again.
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    had to do another hard reset
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    Do a sprite backup and a hard reset. It's the only way I could clear it
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    I'm on the third hard reset. I just rebuild because I thought a backup would be just as it's not? Cool
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