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    Sorry for attributing the post in that article to you samkin. Clearly you are not as ignorant or clueless as that author. How could you possibly write such a patently false article since you don't own the product reviewed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Most bloggers (READ: not all) are nothing more then the same as a guy putting his shingle out and calling himself a therapist with no credentials. They are the same as the spammers who attack your email with scams. This is a very dangerous part of our ever expanding world of communications. Blogs like this only do a diservice to the few legitimate writers out there.
    Just like the personal pissing matches and clearly-biased rants by a few on this board do a disservice to the rest of the people who come here seeking or sharing information.

    You don't gotta agree with the original article (I personally think the phone is serviceable now, despite the glitches), but if a fair-minded 700w inquirer were to average the "the phone is perfect, no memory leaks, you guys who install third-party apps are idiots" posts with the "let's sue the bastards!" posts, you'd come close to the conclusion of the original author. Yeah, his work is a bit sloppy, and if he spent some time on this board, he might find solutions to some his problems. Same thing for a good number of people here to type before they think, search, or read. But at least he isn't wasting his readers' time with all the personal crap.
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