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    So I was looking around in my windows directory of the phone and found some bizzar files. There are a lot of files with a jumble of letters and numbers (looks like some hex codes) all with the extensions of .dsm and .rgu

    For example: 0cfc3dc0-5fbc-4153-9ce9-72df4d8c2922.rgu

    They all range in size from a couple bytes to 12K or more. Anybody have any idea what they are or if I even need them? I really would love to delete them but I don't want to break the phone.

    Thanks in advance
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    I backed up my phone and was thinking of deleting those files and see what happens but I'm still testing to make sure the backup program works lol
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    They're ROM related system files (registry files, multi-language resource files, etc.) It hardly matters since you can't delete them anyway.
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    There are also some of those files that are the actual email message stores.

    I was looking through some of them to try to find the file that controls the call history for a question asked in another thread.
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    OK, so I guess I better leave them alone. Thanks for all the help

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