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    The rise has not been a deal breaker for me. Once or twice I notice it, but it not a big deal for me, and I have pretty 'thick' fingers.
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    I ended up buying a Vaja t77 amd I may buy the Piel as well...
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    I'll be interested to hear your opinion on the T77 when you get it. I personally haven't taken mine out of the case since Monday, which is rare for me with a case. Where in South Florida are you BTW?
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    West Palm Beach area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    Your co-editor's review of the Piel Frama makes me want to get one for the 650. I usually lean toward Vaja, but the leather looks better on the PF. I'm not sure about the Sena, it looks OK, but it doesn't hit me the way the PF does.

    I still like Vaja's i-volution cases, it was the PA165 I wasn't enthused about.

    For the 650? I thought you had sworn off the 650. My flirtation with WM devices lasted about 3 days. Not surprised you're back, though. Even with the problems, it's still, hands-down, the best! [Very] good to see you back on the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2_meezers
    I have a Vaja for my 650...a bright pink one. It kept falling off my belt....found out it had a defective clip sent but nothing done about the scuffs to the case.

    My problem with the Vaja was not the same,but the effect was similar. My Vaja was open at the top, and while sitting the clip would allow the 650 to rotate. When getting out of cars, or standing from sitting, the 650 would often slide out of the case and hit the ground/concrete/floor. Maybe the one I had was defective, but I would never buy another case that didn't secure the device in every direction.
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    We ordered a few PacRim Leather Hard Cases from Pacific Rim. The construction is excellent and the leather is nice. I've owned Vaja cases in the past and the extra bit of craftsmanship is not worth 3 times the price of the PacRim case. After a reset hole mod, should be pert-near a 9 out of 10.

    Cons (for me):

    Free swing swivel
    Release from belt clip a little snug
    Little tight for option and return keys (but I'm not thumb typing a dissertation)

    Pacific Rim
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    I'm onboard with Sena cases. Good quality and protection. I don't use the flip version, but provides decent protection as well.
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    I really like my vaja T65, it got a little loose with my 650 so I started to worry it might slip out when I went jogging. however I got a thin 2 by 2 inch piece of rubber bicycle patch and put it in between the back of the treo and the case as I slide it in and it works great to secure the treo..
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    I have a Vaja Case PA165 which I like alot as well. The issue I had with it was the strip of leather above the D-Pad was too close to the D-Pad and softkey buttons. It more or less covered a 1/3 of the buttons. Which was terrible when trying to use those buttons and feel comfortable pushing them. I returned it thinking it was just the one I received, but when I got the replacement, It was the same deal. Anyone else have this issue with this case? I am currently using the Sena Leatherskin case. Which fits really nice. It's not as "square" in my hand as the Vaja Case is. It contours around the Treo better then the Vaja Case.
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    Now that everyone has had their case for a couple of months, which cases still fit the best? I am looking for a new case and prefer the flip models. I read the reviews and like the sena, PF and E&B cases. Has anyone had their case to loosen up and the phone fall out? That is the problem I am currently having. My phone slides out of the case and crashes to the ground. I have that cheap verizon flip case, so I am looking for a better one.
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    the e&b case is by far my favorite. check out my review on it. theres actually no rise at the end of the keyboard, it goes outward... its the magnet that keeps the case closed. its a beautiful case solid case!

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    Hmmm... That e&b is nice, but anyone know of a flip case that still has the earpiece exposed besides the Vaja T77?
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    Thanks for the update c0w. I was kind of leaning towards that one. It looks like it has the tightest fit.
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