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    I am a newbie and I've read the threads on async issues and also wireless sync and push/pull, etc.

    Here's my situation:
    10 or so pop3 email accounts setup in outlook 2k3. I have folders and rules wizard that will move emails to the right folders. I use contacts (over 1000) and also business cardscan 700. I also use the calendar often. Some notes and some tasks, but not many.

    All of the above is on my laptop. So what solution should I use? Ideally, I'd like or my main emails to appear on my phone. However, I want everything to be on my laptop (as master) and on the phone as duplicates if possible.

    So do I use activesync exclusively or wireless sync exclusively or both or would that cause duplicates? I got a warning message saying NOT to use async after I installed wireless sync. I think I understand wireless sync a bit more now that I logged onto the vzn site and saw everything there.

    2nd Question -> I am thinking about paying for service for Exchange server for only one of my emails but not all of them. The one I'd like to pay for service would be for the main business email one. If I get a hosting site to do that (mi8) would cost about $50 + $8 per email account - that would essentially allow me to host the emails, contacts, calendar on an actual server - thereby preserving or having a backup and using push technology to my phone - yes?

    Please help clarify since I checked the manual, forums, etc. and just wanted to know the best solution to my situation.. thank you gurus!!

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    .. the other thing I noticed was that the verizon online displays all of my various emails into the main 'inbox' and also has all the emails going out from one 'sent' folder (which is correct). Is there a way to have multiple folders setup and also have it go to the right folder as my outlook currently works?
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    Unfortunately, no answers, just more questions. I have a very similar situation: Outlook 2003 with a couple of pop3 accounts, and currently have Verizon Wireless sync configured to push-sync email, contacts, and calendar, and activesync configured to sync files, programs, and tasks.

    1. How do wireless sync and active sync interact? Does VWS use AS in any way? Or does it use AS settings, if not the program?

    2. Does anyone successfully have VWS correctly synching contacts or calendar? My email syncs fine, but not those.

    3. Where do you configure specific attributes of how email folders get synched in VWS? I swear I saw something like that when I signed up, and haven't seen it since.

    Huge thanks to anyone who can help me through this swamp
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    Update after spending time on the phone with both palm support and verizon support:

    1. It appears that they don't use each other or each others' settings. Probably.

    2. Now contacts and calendar seem to sync for me fine using VWS. I have no idea what's different to make it work now.

    3. Apparently, you can't tell VWS which folders you want to sync. I wanted to sync a different folder, not my inbox. It looks like that was working with AS before, not VWS. So now both programs are syncing my email - we'll see if I get duplicates. So far, I have tons of duplicates in drafts, which I had before today. No others - keeping my fingers crossed.

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