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    I have my emails checked every 5 mins. I cannot stand the balloon popping up with the cancel hide choices each time.

    any way to get rid of this?
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    Go to Start/Settings/Sounds and Notifications/Notifications and select Connection Established from the Event drop down box. Uncheck the Display message on screen checkbox. It buged me as well, and now I never have to see it.
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    Ha Ha, as I read this I thought "yeah, that bugs me too, so im going to change this". Wouldnt you know as im navigating thru the screens, up pops the notification! No longer will it spoil my time ever again!
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    LOL, I was wondering this this morning, how to change it, I have about 150 ebooks on my SD card and it's really annoying to be reading and have this pop up every 5 minutes.

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    oh my g-d thanks so much!
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    thank you!
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