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    Ladies and Gents,

    I don't really frequent these parts, being an HTC man , but I was thinking about another program I made to make the Today screen bigger, and thought that you square screen guys might find this program useful as well: It will make the built in OS "Programs" launcher screen fullscreen. Now I have no idea if this will work on the Palm, but there should be no reason why not. But caveat emptor.

    This is an update to my old program VJSmallIcons. To say it's long overdue is an understatement

    This version retains and persists settings between folders. It can also make the Programs launcher fullscreen. When you go fullscreen, there is a menu option to permit navigation back up to the previous folder.

    On a whim, for no good reason at all, I've also implemented my interpretation of the Vista View Mode slider, as seen here in Vista.
    The slider can be used to toggle modes. Even if you don't need the app, try the slider! I quite like it :wink: Hopefully you'll see this again in VJSihaya.

    Normal Mode

    Fullscreen Mode

    Available on my website!


    PS: please help me steal a Treo Rom so that I can write more programs for you guys -
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    FWIW, I believe all Treos are manufactured by HTC...
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    Apologies, I was thinking of XDA, too many TLAs around.

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    In case anyone is curious, this works fine on the 700wx. I tried the full screen mode and now get an extra row of icons displayed (4 rather than 3). I tried the list view, but for me it makes the icons too small for me to press accurately.

    It's nice to have a little more usable screen real estate.
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    very nice, thanks for the post.

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    the link to your "steal a rom" thread doesn't work. can someone post another?
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    Cody, the rom has already been extracted for the 700w. Vijay's post was back in march.
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    my bad. I thought this was a new topic. i'm here everyday. just missed this one.

    thanks, cody

    I do like the app though
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    We've been doing some more hacking on the Treo over on XDA Devs.

    We've got rom dumps for 750 and 700 now, so no worries. Lots of nice goodies in your roms


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