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    I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried cell skins? They are what looks like a plastic sticky that goes over your whole phone. They are really cheap and could be a secondary/light protectorate for those of us who use a holster or pouch. If anyone has, I am more curious to see how the removal is, that is if it leaves a sticky residue? I haven't found any for the 700w, but I assume a 650 one will work with a little modification.
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    I got one from -

    Works nicely, you just slide it on from the top down and pull it off if need be. It doesn't leave a resedue on the system, the only issue... the keyboard will feel rubbery; so if you dont like that... you wont like the case.

    I use mine in conjunction with a 3rd party leather holster.
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    How thin is this case? It covers the keyboard too? I originally thought it was the same as the boxwave one based on the name. Is it very lint attracting?

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