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    I have never been able to get my speed dials to work. When I hold down a quick key, for 10 or more seconds, I get nothing. When I release the key, the Treo pulls up the first hit on that letter from my contact list.

    Has anyone else had this problem? The Verizon customer service reps were able to set up and use speed dials on their test units without any problem. I have some but not a boatload of third party apps installed: Resco Explorer/Today, Agile Messenger, PocketNotepad, TCPMP...but if memory serves me correctly this didn't work even before I loaded those things. And I'd really rather not do a hard reset.
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    I've never tried it before but after reading your post gave it a shot. It seems to be working fine, even with all the crap I have loaded. It starts the call after just 1 or 2 seconds.

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    Same here, never use it but just tested it. Works fine.
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    thanks for the check. bummer for me though.

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