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    Pardon me if this has been asked before but I searched and did not find an answer, I am hoping it is a very simple fix.
    I have my 700 (upgraded from 650 and love it) set to play a ringtone (nothing fancy I am using the builtins right now) when I get a new SMS. I get my SMS and it plays the ringtone. Great. Well if I put a long ringtone on, it plays the whole thing without me being able to silence it.

    Try this:
    1. go to Settings/Sounds&Notifications/Notifications
    2. Pick the event "Messaging: New Text message"
    3. I choose the sound "Alarm" (short and sweet)
    4. OK everything back to my Today Screen
    5. Send a text to my phone all is grand. Short sound, all done
    6. Now do the same thing only this time pick the sound "Bach Sonata" (a long one)
    7. Now when I send a text I get the whole song, even if I open the SMS message. Nothing I do will silence this.

    It does not do this on contact assigned ringtones Once I answer (or push the 5 way button) the tone stops.

    I can't for the life of me find out how to get it to stop
    Please someone out there end my insanity!

    PS. for bonus homework the converse of above is true on contacts, If I pick a short ringtone in the contact assigned ringtone it only plays once, no repeats. To me it should loop until I answer or it hits VM.
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    I'm in the same boat. I hope someone has figured out a solution to this.
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    Slide the mute button on the top of the phone to shut it up. This doesn't keep it from vibrating through the whole alarm though.
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    That works but like you said it will keep vibrating. Plus it should work just like the phone. When the phone rings I hit the fiveway and it silences the ringtone.

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