Hey Everyone,

I had thought I had my Treo 700w under control, but now am starting to wonder. Here's a story of what happened.

I had a Samsung phone before thru Verizon. Once I got the 700w, they transferred all my fone numbers to the treo. Then when I used activesync with my laptop, i found all the contacts on my phone and all the old numbers on my outlook as well. No problem - I took the time to go thru and clean it all up.

I currently use dixiesys.com for hosting, email, etc. They do not have exchange, but are linux based. I use pop3 from my laptop pulling emails from them. I also have over 1200 contacts in my outlook. I noticed there were some duplicates however, so started cleaning some of them.

Cardscan 700 is also another device I am using. This relationship is between the cardscanner and also Outlook. Once the informatoin is in outlook, it gets sent to my treo. It worked fine.. I wondered what this wireless sync was, so I turned it on, registered, etc. I had thought it was a way to backup the existing contacts, email, etc. I noticed the contacts were still there, but the emails were all gone (that were from my laptop).

Cardscan seems to either create duplicates or have dupes and then erase the multiple email addresses I might have for people.. or label the 2nd ones Compuserve, etc. Perhaps I now know to have a 'field' or home for those other numbers to go to.

When I tried using activesync, I get an error/warning message if I am sure I want to sync up because I would be creating duplicates. So for some reason, my laptop does not recognize my treo. I was hoping the data that was deleted by cardscan would be put back (2nd or 3rd emails) from contacts.. and not the whole contact itself being a duplicate again. Not sure what I should do at this point..

What I would like to happen:

1. have a single source email, contacts, etc. all stored on a server - do i find a new hosting solution or can I use the existing pop3 from a linux server and do push/pull from my device? ( what is the diff. between push/pull anyway?)

2. have all my devices be in sync (laptop, treo, desktop) - i currently dont even use the desktop for fear of duplication of contacts, emails, etc. which hapepend quite often on my old toshiba PDA

3. have all my contacts, emails, calendar be in sync seamlessly!

Can anyone help?? Thank you in advance..