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    My contacts are slow to load in my new Treo. Takes about 60 seconds to load all the contacts. Granted I have about 4,000. contacts in there right now. The thing is, my co-workers have the same address book loaded on their Troe 650. Those contacts load in a second. They are using the palm software verses mine which is using the windows based software.

    I've called Tech support, but they told me to limit the number of contacts. This is not an option for us road warriors and the type of business we are in. I need access to all those numbers.

    Is there anything I can do to speed up the contacts? Maybe a third party solution? Thanks.
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    How much stuff do you have in thsoe contacts ? Pictures, notes etc will slow you down. each year I purge my list eliminating those I no longer use ar that will get me 3-4% savings.
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    All the contacts have basic info in them, all text. No pics or anything that will bog it down futher. Purgin through 4000 contacts may take awhile, maybe on my next plane trip.

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