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    Hi there,

    forgive me for being a noob - but I can't seem to find a way to get the 700w to play videos that are embedded on a website.. is there anyway to do this?

    for example, I'd like to view some of the videos on but clicking on the link, or copying and pasting the link into windows media player, but nothing opens it.. I have some spare time to kill while commuting to work everyday, and I'd love it if I could actually play the videos.. any help is appreciated, thanks
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    bump? am I not asking the question clearly enough?
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    YES! Good ol' you click on the picture of the will take you to a page that SHOULD have the video on it...but if you look closely it will have a embedded HTML code where the video should be, if you look in that line of code you will see see the <<<< this is the link to the actual video if you copy and paste this into Internet explorer, it will open Windows media player and play the video as if you were watching it on the website.

    I don't think Pocket IE can handle embedded video in the browser.

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