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    Can anyone get this client to work on the 700w? I am trying to install it but it appears it doesn't support the 240x240 and I can't get past the license agreement. Anyone have any ideas?
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    i tried too- could not get it to work.
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    We got it working somehow, but the usable area of the screen was so small it wasn't worth it. This is the client we used:
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    How did you bypass the agreement? There is no way for me to click ok. Did you install using the .cab or .exe? I tried to install the 8.46 .cab. Which version did you use? I didn't try 8.47 because looks like it's in Japanese.
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    I also have the client installed, but agree that it is unusable due to the size limitations for the desktop. I believe I got past the license agreement screen by hitting one of the Action keys (i.e., one of the two keys that accesses "messaging" and "menu" on the Today screen). I hope this helps.
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    I also had issues, you just have to tab to agree using the center select key. I showed this to a citrix developer during an industy meeting with them. They were surprised, how bad it looked. Once I did get it installed, I also found that it quickly ate up all the mem on the phone and locked up the phone, not a very usable client, I am hoping thier next release of the client will fix it. I will mention it again on my next con call with them
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    Thanks for the great answer. Keep us posted please.
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    why not use a type of set up for free?
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    Can someone post a screenshot please?

    I've done a conversion of the Terminal Services Client to fullscreen, might be able to do the same with the Citrix client.

    (VGA screenshot)

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    I bypassed the agreement and installed it. It is unusable because I can't figure out how to scroll the screen. So I uninstalled it.
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    Maybe something like Nyditot which allows a virtual display would help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmo
    Maybe something like Nyditot which allows a virtual display would help?
    Does this work on the 700? I may try this out.
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    Has anyone found a version of Citrix that works with the 240 x 240 screen yet?
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