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    i thought i saw the answer to this somewhere but I can't find it. is there ANYWAY to check multiple emails at once? for example...when i'm text messaging my email does not send/recieve ...only if it's on that account. i also have 3 POP accounts and would like it to send/recieve on all of them...but instead, it only works on the one that it's set to. is there any way around this?
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    If you're not using another program to pull all your emails together (like Good or VZWSync), then not with Outlook - you'll need a 3rd-party program like FlexMail (formerly WebIS).
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    so pocket outlook will not work then i take it?
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    Outlook allows multiple accounts, but only one of the accounts (the primary one) will pull email as scheduled. The others will require individual, manual, send/receive commands.
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    I checked out flex mail and it seems like a good app. the only problem so far is that theres no way to create folders for each email account. are there any other good ones?
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    also....maaaybe one that uses the email addresses that are in the contacts
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    In FlexMail, yes you can create separate sets of folders for each email account. Just make sure, when setting up each account, to UNCHECK the option to store emails in Local Folders.

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