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    PROBLEM: Take call A. While on with call A, call B comes in. B is more important call, switch back to call A, close conversation and hang up. DOH! Phone hung up all lines! So what I have to do is leave the call active and let call A cancel on his own. BIGGER PROBLEM: Caller A hangs up, but my phone doesn't! Therefore, a 30min call, ends up costing me 1 hour!!!!

    PALM SUGGESTED WORKAROUND: Palm says, "Don't answer your second call. Let it go to vmail." LOL -- OK, no problem.

    I was so mad about this. I called Palm (866-697-7256) and I encourage *everyone* to call Palm and Verizon and complain. They asked if you have this problem, call and report it. They admitted to this being a known *bug*. The more people that complain the faster this problem will get fixed. To me, this is a huge bug and costly to the consumer. Check your bills, you deserve the credit like I am getting.

    I have to admit, Verizon is being helpful and nice but only after the 3rd time of calling in and just getting a very nice woman that wants to help me. I believe their customer service is good, but its a problem none of the service reps know anything about. At least this is what I gather by talking to them on the phone. Verizon hasn't figured out how they are going to compensate subscribers for this. Their makeshift process is that a rep is scheduled to call me personally once a month to review any calls that were simultaneous. Those calls and minutes are being dropped and credited back to me.

    PS - I took a call while on with Verizon, I've been on with Verizon now for 12:49sec and my second call that I took (and hung up after 15sec) is still ticking at 6:11sec. DOH!
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    I've noticed this as well and wasn't sure if I was getting charged for both calls. If I am indeed that is a huge bug. It's bad enough if just the screens says you are connected, but actually charging you for both calls is outrageous. I'll call tonight and complain. Hopefully a ROM will get released fixing all our problems, in addition to solving world hunger. I suspect we'll be left with problems and world hunger though.
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    All Treos have this issue as I recall.
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    I have this problem too! and sometimes I am trying to call my husband in korea with a calling card and he calls the second line and then the call double charges me for verizon and keeps charging on the calling card....
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    All I can say is if you have problems (I know this is a problem everyone has) it just takes enough people to complain about it. I see motivation to complain since its affecting everyones bottom line. If you have this phone, use call waiting, you are being double charged. Call Palm and Verizon. Palm's number is listed in my first post. Verizon is *611 on your phone.

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    When you make a call- hit the phone button and click on "flash mode" - then when a call comes in, it should disconnect the other one when yoy toggle and not charge you the minutes. IM not 100% sure because I am lucky enough to have my bill paid for by my company but that doesnt mean I want to donate $ to Verizon. Can someone verify if this "fix" works at least for saving minutes?
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    Just an FYI, had the same problem with my Treo 600 and 650 on Sprint. This isn't just Verizon, it's the Treo/CDMA in general apparently.
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    and to think, all this time i thought it was me not knowing how to use the phone... :-)
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    It is :P

    Hit the green phone button to "flash" to the incoming call, which hangs up on the active call when it switches. Swap does just that, it swaps from one call to another. Flash hangs up on the original call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamt
    Just an FYI, had the same problem with my Treo 600 and 650 on Sprint. This isn't just Verizon, it's the Treo/CDMA in general apparently.
    True. I had the same problem with my Treo 600.
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    I posted this first a week or to agao...annoys the hell out of me
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    Try a conference call and it does the same thing! You can't hang up on just one caller and up-conference the call. Really bad! This is a CDMA problem. I have both 600's and 650's with T-Mobile and Cingular and both features work fine.
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    Agreed - this is a CDMA technology issue. The effect differs depending upon whether the calls are mobile originated or mobile terminated. Some CDMA phones have compensating features that mitigate the effect of the network behavior. Some networks have call-back features to mitigate the effect when you hang up one of the calls. Bottom line - if you want good call control, use a GSM network like Cingular or T-Mobile. Sprint and Verizon are CDMA networks.
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    what is worse is when you are ON one call and a 2nd comes in. But you want to send it to voicemail so you choose ignore and it hangs up and both of them.

    I have to let it beep me until it finally goes to voicemail on it's own and it breaks up the current and mroe impornt first call/conversation.
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    if a call comes in that you want to ignore and dont want to hang up on both people, hit "ignore and send text message"- it will ignore the second call and not hang up on the first- just exit out of the text screen if you dont actually want to send a text message
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    How about post the numbers we can call and maybe if we all call we can get something done.
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    I just called Verizon Wireless. They did a test and confirmed that the problem with a technitian and I was told they just sent out an issue report across their data support network to alert them of this problem. No question I will get the minutes refunded, as per the conversation, but nobody knows what to do going forward. On the Treo 650 the call usually hung up when the other caller hung up. This is a 700w issue.

    Palm really screwed up the 700w pretty badly. You want to like it so much... really. But with stripping out the Wifi, the measly 32 MB of RAM misleadingly advertised as "60 MB free", poor screen that causes you to scroll like crazy, Palm really concentrated too much on how to make a huge profit and give the customer as little as possible instead of trying to build an excellent product with customer satisfaction. They will pay for this since with all the other manufacturers now building good hardware those greedy idiots at Palm will have nothing to distinguish themselves with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    All Treos have this issue as I recall.
    Only CDMA. On GSM I dont have any issue with Treo650.
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    i noticed this delay with my first 700 and recently exchanged the 6700 back to the 700 and noticed that the delay in the phone hanging up the call is non-existent. It hangs up when you hang up the call...previous one I had lagged heavily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofighter
    i noticed this delay with my first 700 and recently exchanged the 6700 back to the 700 and noticed that the delay in the phone hanging up the call is non-existent. It hangs up when you hang up the call...previous one I had lagged heavily.
    Try it again... Mine doesn't hang up (my 650 did) and neither did someone else's and neither did the 700w in Verizon's Tech department. This is an epidemic and a real problem. So much for Verizon's superior troubleshooting.

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