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    Hi all. I'm new to this site. I've been lurking in several Treo forums and this is the one!

    I've been looking for an easy to use alarm program and finally came across a free one called AlarmClock 0.04

    For the most part, it works well. It's small and easy to use and will play .wav files. The default alarm is loud and annoying and does the trick. It wakes the Treo and has never failed to sound off. Pressing the power off button activates a snooze for a predetermined time. Real nice if you want to use the Treo as a dependable alarm.

    The only problem with it is the set-up portion of the program doesn't quite fit the screen. The last few selection on the bottom of the page are hidden.
    I've managed to scroll down and guess which of the 3 hidden selections save and exit the set-up.

    There was this review posted by another user:

    "Mike (03-08-2006) - v0.04 <snip> In order to use it on the 6500, which is a 240x240 screen, I had to resource hack the PE file so I could see the setup screen though".

    Does anyone know how to do this resource hack of the PE file?

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    Do a forum search. I asked this same question months ago and got a good answer.
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    Thanks green. It was fairly easy to fiqure out the missing selections. But it's nice to know for exactly what the selections are. Great little alarm. Tryed a bunch of them. Even with the screen size problem - it's a keeper. I had hoped that Mike in Houston had a hack that would make the set-up screen readable.

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