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    I use wireless sync but I find it annoying that it uses so much space... is there anyway to remove it while still having the program open? thank in advance.
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    I am having the same problem. I called Verizon, but they said that they would have to contact Palm directly and ask them.
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    Verizon's full of it. The icon sits in the (new) WM05 icon tray. Any programs that place an icon in the icon tray will activate the "icon-sized" band at the bottom of the today screen. Software developers control whether or not to have an icon in the tray. Pooly skilled developers don't allow you the option to turn off the icon (like Verizon's VZWSync) - professional developers do (like Junefabrics' PDANet).

    In this case, the fault lies with Verizon, not Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe
    In this case, the fault lies with Verizon, not Palm.
    Yep. VZW should not have gotten in bed with Intellisync (the developer of the code) or they should make them improve their product.

    (I stopped using it months ago and hope to never be forced back.)
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    I am forced to use it as well. Is there another way to forward outgoing mail thru Verizon as a proxy for a normal pop3 email account.
    My ISP blocks outgoing email from a different domain than their own. Under tmobile, you just sent out thru their servers thru your my-tmobile account,

    Can you do the same thru verizon without osing their crappy wireless sync?

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    so are there better programs besides wireless sync out there that offers push?

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