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    I just had to do a hard reset on my 700w in order to correct an Activsync problem. The good news is that it fixed the problem, the bad news is that I had to do a hard reset. So I've realized that I very much need some sort of backup software. I've read rumors about Palm providing free Sprite, but it dosen't seem to be available yet, and I don't want to wait. I'm looking at Sprite and Spb Backup, both sold by Handango. Which is best? I've read lots of posts from people using Sprite, but the Spb program is less expensive.

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    Lots of great information came up with a search on "backup". This thread compares Sprite and SPB and there is even a link to Sprite Backup. You might want to add your question here:
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    Thanks. For some reason I didn't find that thread when searching.

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