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    I ordered a Plantronics 645 today for $110 using my companies corp discount with a supplier - not sure when I will get it since Plantronics is only getting these in the channel now - but I keep hearing good things about the quality on this one with the few people who have it so far!
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    I just picked up nxZEN Plus 5500 by GENNUM. I have tested this headset under the worst conditions that I could find over the past couple of days......walking the streets of NYC. The DSP on this device is unbelievable. I have talked with friends and left myself voice messages to see what the sound quality is like with cars going by....windy conditions....crowded name it. My friends have said that the background noise is extremely negligible. I am amazed at the quality that I get.

    The range on the headset is very good as well.....I have not experienced any static on the set. This headset also has a very interesting comes with a disk that has an equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound quality on your end and also adjust the microphone gain for the receivers benefit. This is done by pairing your computer with the headset via bluetooth connectivity(this is the only way to take advantage of this feature).

    Another feature is that in the package you receive a earbud that allows you to use the headset with your MP3 player. This is a wired connection....when a call comes in the music fades out and your able to take your call....once the call is done the music fades in amd back to your music. note....the music only fades on th BT continues in the earbud. This also has an EQ adjustment.

    The only complaint that I have with this headset is that it is on the larger side.....not too bad though. My previouse headsets were the AX2 and the name a couple of favorites. The headset is surprisingly very light as well. BTW..... no pairing problems with the 700.....and great response time......usually recognizes an incoming call after the first ring. Battery life has been great so far.....have only fully charged the unit once...and this is my only personal phone.

    If you are looking for great DSP and a good headset over all...take a look at this one. I picked mines up at JR Music in NYC for $119.....pricey but I think it is a keeper. Check for the review.
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