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    I got a new 650 last week and the 'Camcorder' feature records in the .3G2 format. How do I play these files on my Windows based PC? I've read that QuickTime is supposed to play these extensions but they do not play for me. I have the latest free version of QuickTime. What other types of players or converters do you use to play these?

    Just to piggyback onto this original post. I tried the Real player as well and neiter QuikTime or Real allow the viewing of these .3G2 files.

    Any suggestions?
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    I am looking for a player that somone sent me from the Qualcomm Website. I can only at this point tell you that it DOES exist... but there may be something newer that would actually convert the files from a MMS-ish format to something more "friendly."
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    Quicktime 7 and higher is able to play the Treo videos. I have no problems playing my videos on either of my PC's with Quicktime 7.
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