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    Is there anyway to change the layout of the programs. I want to be able to show them in a listed way and not the icon way that they are. Also is there any way to move icons into the "games" folder? That would be pimp.
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    Use the File Explorer or any of the free file management programs (e.g. GSFinder, Total Commander) out there to create your own folders from within the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder. You can also create and move shortcuts however it suits you.

    Careful moving around shortcuts which reside in \Window\Start Menu. You might confuse WM. You can't make a fatal mistake but you might have to do some registry cleanup if you modify anything in that folder.

    I don't know of any way to change the way WM lists the icons (it is not like Palm in that regard) but you can use a task manager (e.g. Wisbar Lite or iLauncher) if you don't like the defaults.
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    In Resco File Manager you can highlight a program file tap and hold to bring up a menu and select copy shortcut. Then go to the folder you created for your start menu and paste the shortcut. That way you do not risk screwing up the Reg entries for that program and can still launch then your personalized Start menus.

    Here is a screen shot of how I did exactly what Beryl described above:
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    thanks guys, the advise really helped. Have you heard anything about how to change the list to an icon list, that would be awesome. i dont really want to get a whole new launcher, just to tweak this one a bit.

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