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    I'm sure this is a wierd request, but sometimes I just don't want to use the keyboard on the 700w and rather use the Block Recognizer.

    I went to, start, settings, input. When I select Block Recognizer and click ok it simply goes back to Keyboard everytime. Is there a way to use the Block Recognizer with the 700w?
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    At the bottom of the screen, if you tap on the keyboard icon, the keyboard comes up and an up-arrow shows up next to the keyboard icon at the bottom. You can tap it and choose "Block Recognizer" from the list.

    It will stay this way until the next soft-reset. From what I can tell, the item in "settings" does not actually tell it which kind of input you would like to default to. It just tells it how you would like the options for each input method to be set.

    (I like the block recognizer, too, because for now I am a lot faster at graffiti than with the thumb keyboard.)
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    Thank you very much That works nicely.

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