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    From yesterday's teleconference:

    "Colligan also promised that a system update is being developed for the Treo 700w. This update will introduce the Exchange direct Push email capability, new global address lookup and a "kill pill" ability for wireless data security for IT management.

    He also stated that the Palm OS BlackBerry connect email software is completed and is currently pending carrier certification. "
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    Nice. Now if Verizon would just get the damn update out, we'd be good to go.
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    it'll happen hopefully by the end of the 2nd quarter...verizon is pretty thorough about that stuff.
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    My company uses Notes so if BB Connect for Palm hits before it does for WM5, I'm returning to the Palm world.
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    just keep in mind that each carrier has to separately agree to deliver BB connect. Just because Palm says it's available doesn't mean you can run out and get the app. It's supposedly up to each carrier to make it available on their device.
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    I would think that would be akin to deciding whether or not to offer air conditioning as car option in Florida . OTOH, I expect it will take some carriers longer to integrate / test / certify than others.

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