Ive been reading this discussion group including the tips on saving memory from hobbes among others. Yet i have started to face an issue since i moved my info from my T3 to treo. Maybe im missing something simple.

Yday i hotsynched my T3 info over to outlook and then installed activesync on the computer and activesynched the treo 700 to outlook thereby moving over my contacts, calendar among others to it. initally i had not checked off the options to synch notes and applications as i was looking for the phrase 'memos' like my palm os had it. Later when i realised i had not recvd the memos, i added 'notes' to the options. The only other program i installed was the cd provided picsel viewer.

Now i must add that as ive been using the t3 in class, ive over the years added over 400 short memos (lecture notes). On t3 it has always been able to open them without a problem. But now when i open a file, it takes a little bit. But more importantly every time i try to close the note, i find the sign of a circle with a moving pie appear and it takes nearly 10 sec to close it. I presume the circle is similar to the hourglass of windows pc versions.

I routinely hold the ok button to pull up the list of active programs and stop all but phone. ive checked startup (it was suggested that memory hogs mayreside in it) and the only program according to explorer in startup is 'poutlook'..dont know what that is.

i have no third party apps loaded. As i could not even open a test pdf file with picsel viewer (it claimed memory full and would close), i deleted picsel viewer itself. Thus now i have maybe one pdf file and two excel files other than the contacts and notes i mentioned before. Yet it takes ages to close each note file. What am i doing wrong? Should i keep notes on an sd card and if so how should i do it since treo synchs the notes everytime.

thanks for reading the long mail.